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Comparison Old/New: Vision: The new one is obviously more detailed than the old one, we can see you don't changed your style, just impr...

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Rockman X1 Sigma 32-bits
Back to the Business! Rusty than never! Trying to Sprite something new I've done this Sigma, Its not perfect, more like my first sketch. Maybe I do more later.

2018-03-23: File Updated, Added Wall Grab and Die sprites.
2017-12-04: File Updated, Added Intro.
2017-10-17: File Updated, Added Jump and Guard and Attack Sprites (not the final animations yet)
2017-10-13: File Updated, Head, Blade Hand, Feets and Waist fixed
Zero Turning.
Zero turning left and right.
For some reason Zero Style looks smooth when animated, maybe need some hair movement or a better transition frame, anyways the basic animation is complete.
Zero Sprite Evolution
Turn Arround Completed.
You're a Spriter? Have Ideas for this Character? You can help us to make a complete sheet! Any help will be wellcome. Public Doman.
Special thanks to: :iconkensuyjin33: :iconhypershell:

15-02-13 - File Updated.
15-04-17 - File updated
15-04-25 - File Updated
15-06-12 - File Updated
18-01-15 - File Updated
18-01-18 - File Updated.
18-01-29 - File Updated, Get Hit Added.
18-02-04 - File Updated, Added Some Misc Animations.
18-02-18 - File Updated, Added Front and Back View.
18-02-20 - Turn Arround Completed.


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Felipe Xavier de Freitas
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MegaManXVirusProject Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Professional Artist
Personal Hello We Need Designer Game and Sprites We Need Your Cobolation I Have Project Called Megaman X Virus Operation A Fangame Nois Has The Most Accurate Team Of People Who Are Faithful Be My Friend To Help My Project I Need Someone Reliable We Are In 10% Of The Project We Want To Overcome That More Need From People Who Help From Our Project So Sprites I Need 5 People Or 10 To Help Stages Levels Backgrounds And Objects, Items, Scenes, Inimingos, Mavericks And Others When You Login From Group Discord Link Voices Vao La Cima La Cima until the first publication what everyone is going to read even if I put the members spam I went without members and dimuniur more I learn a lesson we need to resolve more positive then in order that everything is resolved I am Eric Silva I am Designer Art I'm not Tao Professional More I do Concepts for My Project And I'm A Face Of The Idea So We Have Prototype And Seduce The Main Characters We Have Captures And Others We Are Slow Our Project We Want You to Advance My Project Then I Ask Your Cobraçao and Your Hulmity You Can Follow Facebook Twiiter Youtube #Megaman X Virus Youtube Operation Twitter Twitter eric_kaos7 of Facebook MegamanXvirus and Discord Group Go to this link https: // waiting for you to understand and that you help my team and my project thank you.
FXFreitas Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I've stopped on the first line, the lack of commas and points hurts.

So lets try to not get anything here as offense:

1. If you want to make a game, start improving the language, because programing is all about that, not only on scripting side (wich requires english) but on game ploting side (now imagine all game dialogues being incomprehencive texts), start using the commas, making paragraphs, and pointing them correctly.

2. I can identify a Google Translated text from miles and its surely a Portuguese translated text. If you really want me or anyone on the team, so you must start searching more abou them. My DA profile must state where I'm from. And with a fast search you must knew that I do 32-bit graphics sprites only (mega man related). And must know that I am a member of Sprites-INC. With all that I can simply suppose you are sending this text randomly, hoping for a answer.

3. Your game is in 10% progress, you mean, the plot is ready? You have a engine working? And can't do any vodeo/screenshot of a character on a test stage and such? Well if you want to convince people, start geting anything to show about your game.

4. Almost everything on my gallery is Public Domain, but I ever will ask for credits if used.
MegaManXVirusProject Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Professional Artist
Vou Melhorar Idioma Foi mal nao esta em 10% me enganei mais precisamos de ajuda a fazer stages levels etc me dar o link desse domain se voce vai ajuda do meu projeto te darei os creditos se nao vou partir pra outra pessoal
FXFreitas Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quer dizer que meu trabalho é de domínio público e que é livre pra usar, eu não tenho intenções de me envolver em nenhum projeto, é como eu disse, trabaçho apenas com as sprites em 32-bits. E já pude ver que seu game será feito na plataforma 16-bits. Mas pode converter sprites da minha galeria pra 16 bits contanto que credite.
(1 Reply)
Hirstcrea Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
It's under care.I opened Iris in my website.
And I say once more, thank you give me permission.…
FXFreitas Featured By Owner Edited Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Thanks! I've already posted a link of your site for my buddies.
Hirstcrea Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Hello my name is Hirst.
I made MUGEN character Iris,using your made sprite.
I think the character open for everyone.
But Iris's sprite is not make me and sprite's Copyright is yours.
If I receive open permission, I open this character.
Last I am Japanese, and sorry my poor English.
FXFreitas Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have the permission, just remember to credit me when you post her.

All my sprites are Public Domain, feel fre to use them.

Can you send the character's page when you release it? I want to give my feedback and show to my friends.
Hirstcrea Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
Thank you reply.
And I open Iris and clear writing your name.

Hasty, I send my Iris's movie and open at night.
If it's opened, I make a contact once more, and send character's page.

Thank you very much for your kindness.

mmaker45 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
feliz aniversario!
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